Skirt steak


Bulk Skirt steak Steak

Skirt steak, a flavorful and textured cut, is known for its long, flat shape. Marinated and cooked quickly, it offers a deliciously charred exterior and a juicy, beefy interior.

Skirt steak, distinguished by its elongated, flat structure, is celebrated for its bold flavor and unique texture. Often marinated to enhance tenderness and flavor, this cut is best cooked quickly over high heat, producing a beautifully charred exterior that contrasts with the juicy and beefy interior.

Skirt steak's versatility shines in dishes like fajitas and tacos, where its robust taste complements a variety of seasonings and accompaniments. As a favorite among grill masters and chefs, skirt steak provides an exciting culinary experience with its distinctive profile and ability to transform into mouthwatering, savory creations.

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