Tri Tip


Bulk Tri Tip Steak

Tri-tip, a flavorful and versatile cut, is known for its triangular shape and robust taste. It offers a juicy and tender eating experience, making it a popular choice for grilling and roasting.

Tri-tip, a triangular-shaped cut of beef, is a hidden gem cherished for its exceptional flavor and versatility. This juicy and tender cut offers a balance of lean meat and marbling, resulting in a delightful texture and rich taste. Tri-tip is often seasoned with flavorful rubs or marinades and is perfect for grilling or roasting, allowing the meat to develop a beautiful crust while retaining its succulence.

Whether served sliced for sandwiches or as a standalone main course, tri-tip is a popular choice for its unique shape, robust flavors, and its ability to satisfy the palates of meat enthusiasts.

  • Available Types: Prime - Choice - Select
  • Sizes: 8oz - 16oz - 24oz