Wagyu Teres Major


Bulk Wagyu Teres Major Steak

Wagyu Teres Major, a gem of Wagyu beef, offers remarkable marbling and tenderness. This lesser-known cut delivers a premium dining experience with its rich flavor and luxurious texture.

Wagyu Teres Major, a hidden treasure within the realm of Wagyu beef, marries unparalleled marbling with exceptional tenderness. This less common cut, often called the "shoulder tender," astounds with its velvety texture and captivating flavor. Expertly prepared, whether sous vide or seared, the Teres Major unveils its buttery richness and exquisite taste.

Its relative obscurity makes it a prized find for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate exploring unique cuts. As a testimony to Wagyu's legacy of excellence, the Teres Major elevates any dish to an extravagant level, inviting discerning diners to experience the pinnacle of beef indulgence.

  • Available Types: Prime - Choice - Select
  • Sizes: 8oz - 16oz - 24oz